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Jan. 17th, 2008

Meminus Logo

Got Khorne Berzerkers paint-job done!

So here´s my final result of how my Berzerkers will look like.
The model is painted sloppy but that´s the point. It gives the model the
characteristics of being a true and hard fighting warror! What do you think?

While here I could mension that I´m abit disapointed and pissed off that we lost the FA-cup match yesterday. 1-0 to city in the 73:d minute.... we hold them of really well and we also really close to get a goal or two. I think we deserved the goal more though. But the problem was that City started to push very hard at us and as far as I have seen west ham aint any good at getting the pressure up for the opponents. Sad loss indeed.

While I´m still here I got to tell you that I have started from scratch with the guitar-learning. Been working on this maiden song for a while but It wont stick! It´s hard somehow. So I asked my beloved girlfriend if she could help me - and so she did. Gave me a noob-guitarbook... boring but very good! Learnt alot new acords and i´m able to switch acords quite fast now! Hang in there minus! Hang in there!

Jan. 10th, 2008

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Children Of The Damned is comming through!

I´ve been fighting with the Maiden song Children of the damned for a while now and then. And now finaly I can actually hear it! It´s fantastic! I haven´t been playing guitar very long and my fingers are like 10 fridgerators on a log... but I´ll get there some day!

I bought a guitar that I know is a great guitar so that from now on I can only blame myself for being the one that sucks :)

Here she is with those awesome bat-inlays!

Dec. 25th, 2007

west ham logo

West Ham 1 - London 2 (Part Five)

Now the book will be closed. Been a while since I updated...christams you know:)

After the game we went back to the Boleyn getting us some cheering-up-beers. The pub wasn´t very populated so to say. No singing no happy faces, just tired ones. So we took the buss back to Ilford to have something to eat, we hadn´t been eating since that full breakfast back at the hotel I shouldn´t say I was hungry but food was needed indeed!

As allways (apparently) after a game the streets were crowded and the busride that normaly took about 15minutes was increased to 1 hour or more. So me and another guy from the group said we walk home. My father and another jumped on the bus. We walked and walked as we saw the traffic was to dissolve, we catched a bus aswell:) We were at the hotel faster than me dad yeay!

Everyone got changed and we walked together to "The Great Spoon Of Ilford". Shitty food I have to say, I wasn´t pleased at all. Though it was our own fault really. As we were alot of people we got a table from there and there. All tables had a number so we mixed them up completely - in return the waitresses didn´t find where to deliver the food. Cold beef... great! About two hours later it was time to go home. My father and I was to catch the flight at 12 the other day so we had to get up early. We thanked everyone for good company and a good trip. Went home to a warm hotelroom this time.

Since we mensioned that our room was cold a woman said they had too hot in thier room. they had an extra radiator. We borrowed it :)

Full breakfast, train to liverpool street station, train to Stansted a long flight to Gothenburg, sausage at Statiol then hit the E6/E4 back to Ljungby kissed my girlfriend and was ever so pleased with the trip! And So was my father.

West Ham didn´t do well on the field but it was nice to see them play live. 1 point to them.
London however were cool, nice people and lots of things to look at. The whole atmosphere were insainly awesome + the cute houses :) 2 point to London!

Dec. 20th, 2007

west ham logo

West Ham 1 - London 2 (Part Four)

Part four and there will be a part five! I just can´t stop writing. Even though if
this trip only was for 2 days there was so much happening and I could tell you
alot more than I have...but I don´t.

The kick-off was only about one and an half hour away as the drunkiness and
amount of people started to grow withing the Boleyn´s walls. Singing and yet
more singing was allready fired up. As I said, "I´m forever blowing bubbles"
and some more songs that I didn´t recognize were vibrating the plastic glasses.

"If you hate !"#€%& (read Millwall) sit down, if you hate !"#€%& sit down"
About everyone at the pub, didn´t see over to the bar though, sat down
on the floor as they still were singing for full throats.
"If you love West Ham stand up, if you love West Ham stand up" and everyone
stod up still singing. That was really amazing!

A couple of more songs that I didn´t recognize we off and another round of
Bubbles.... "Let´s go fucking mental! Let´s go fucking mental!"
This was the part I didn´t wanna be at the pub and I saw the fear in ones
eyes (our group) as he tried to drag as many people that he knew away.
This was the part where all that was singing tossing thier glasses up at the
ceiling...didn´t matter if there was something in the glasses, though this was
really the point, they were tossed either way. You´ll get wet however :)

Also that an experience I´m glad about. A guy mentioned this the other day
so I was prepared for it. We moved on to get into the arena, starting to see
West Ham United crushing Everton at Upton Park. Getting into the arena and
our seats was quickly and smooth. You just put your ticket in a machine it said
"peeep" and you could continue to follow the stream of people.

West Ham United was entering the field with "Bubbles" singing in the background.
A complete experience! 30´000 people singing all what they´ve got, really cool
indeed and everyone stand up showing support. Nice.
The match began with West Ham taking control of the match, Ljungberg and Parker
were those two players that showed alot of strenght and power the fist half.
Got some really nice chances of scoring, 3 actually. One by Ljungberg but the goalie
saved a tough ball. Scott Parker got a header that was really close aswell but there
was a lack of luck. Our heavy Dean Ashton got a volley that was so close that everyone
thought we had scored a goal, but it was just like...4 inches away and the goalie
wouldn´t saved that I think. Unfortunatly Everton made a goal in the 44th minute
and the atmosphere were significaly lowered. Second half was bad, really bad.
Balls were just kicked away. The backline had no organization neither finess, just cleared the line. With 1 minute remaining of the time added we pushed up all we had to get that
equalizer, but it turned the other way and Everton kicked in another goal. Happened like this: Green was standing at the mid-line but something happend and Green had a
hard time BACKING to the goal at full speed. I really don´t count that goal but the record
does. A disapointed me and west ham supporters.

End Of Part Four

Dec. 19th, 2007

west ham logo

West Ham 1 - London 2 (Part Three)

I continue my review or story of my London trip with part three.
I guess there will be one more part before I put down the pen and
put this book at the shelf.

Woke up saturday morning. Both me and my father had been freezing like
polar bears without fur all night long. The windows and walls didn´t stop the
bitter cold outside and our quilts didn´t help too much either. They were too short
and the elements couldn´t be raised in heath. I woke up several times this night,
and after alot of beers, new impressions, long walks, a long journey...
I needed that sleep!

Anyhow, brushed our teeth above the apart falling sink, went down for a full english breakfast.
As this was my first trip to England this was new and exciting! What would this look like?
Sat by the table waiting for the breakfast, but after a sec or two I realised that it
had to be ordered. I walked to the bar trying to get the romanian ladie´s attention.
She had a yellow-brown plastic bag over her hair and was quite stressed up...
Another guy (from our group)standing in the bar was trying to get her attention aswell.
He wanted a beer! First thing in the morning and it was the most important thing to get as
fast as possible. He asked, and asked and asked. Finally this romanian lady screams out:
"I HAVE NO TIME! TALK TO HIM INSTEAD!!" and pointed at the receptionist. Lol, crazy bitch.

We got our beens, eggs, bacon and toasts coffee, tea and a small glass of juice.
Everything tasted just fine. At the first look of the mess I wasn´t really convinced if I
should eat it or not, however I did.

We went on to check out Ilford, the centre. Big centre, larger than we thought.
Didn´t find anything and the clock were ticking towards kick-off. We ganged up with
2 other guys from the group and took the bus to the arena. We was to meet up
everyone at 1pm to get our tickets back since they were printed with another match.
We checked out a bookstore and the west ham united shop where I bought a scarf
and a cap before the match was to begin. AND it was freaking cold outside so
I really needed the things aswell :)

Next to the arena lays a pub, called Boleyn. A hang-out for west ham fans. A huge sign
were standing in the window saying: "No away supporters!" and with the west ham united logo
beneth it. I liked that sign and want one of my own at my door :)

The clock passed 1pm and we all was gathered around Bobby Moore statue, we got our tickets
and everything was set for the game. But first some singing! A belgian guy walked up to us,
starting to talk and asked where from we were. "West Ham Fans Sweden" someone said at the
same time this person tried to sell some pins to the belgian. He tried to get 3 for the price of
one and also tried to twist us around our own pins! But he didn´t succeed, but he tried though!
The belgian stepped up the Bobby Moore statue with wide opened arms and started singing with a impressive strong and lound voice: "I´m forever blowing bubbles! Pretty bubbles in the air!".
Most of us followed his singing quietly (since we hadn´t got really that drunk yet I guess).
He stepped down and wished west ham goodluck, wished us an enjoyable match and was
happy about the pins. Off he went to the Boleyn - and so did we.

The Boleyn was (is) a sports-bar no doubt. TV-monitors allover and a floor with no seats
but by the sides. We ordered beers and stod at this floor. As the kick-off came closer the
more ppl were getting on that floor. 1 hour later they all started to sing, first "bubbles"
then another and then hell broke lose...

Dec. 18th, 2007

west ham logo

West Ham 1 - London 2 (Part Two)

When we finally got to East London, Ilford I was very pleased with the area.
I like those compact, terracehouses with their worn fasades. Cute bays with
detailed things around the windows. I really love that. Feels english somehow :)

However we met up rest of the guys at the Cranford Hotel. Checked in and got
room 27 from the Indian guy. Pretty much Indians allover that area.
However got the key he gave us the directions: "Back here go right, pass two doors,
go right up the stairs and then you´ve got room 27 in the corner" The stairs were
small and felt like falling apart. Jeez this building must have been 60 years old!
The door was opened and we was to see 3 beds, ordinary beds in wood.
A rusty mirror over a part falling sink. That was it. Oh, yes a big window with curtains
hold back with bottles of water. This wasn´t the best looing hotel room I´ve seen on
my trips I tell ya!

We unpacked our bag and went down to the pubarea of the hotel where about
10 people from the club were sitting. Ordered a beer orderd one more and one more...
the rest of the guys showed up and the meeting was to begin. Starting with a quiz
about west ham ofcourse. There were 13 questions and I know I had ONE right...
got a bad result in the end.

People started to order food and so did my father and I. Lasange...with chips.
Oh My God! I had no high expectations of the hotel food after been seeing the
hotelrooms. But the food was fabulous! Nice food indeed! During the eating we
got information about the next day, the matchday. We got our tickets and the
evening went on with more beer and whiskey.

So at 12pm my dad hit the bed among many others. I staied up another
40 minutes to have some more of the west ham talk. All people were very
friendly and nice to talk to. Time went on and we all went to bed to be ready and
to get rested for the comming day. Big game that we really had to win.
But Everton was at the time a strong team with 11 unbeaten games.
Was to be a tough game allright!

End Of Part Two

Dec. 17th, 2007

west ham logo

West Ham 1 - London 2 (Part One)

And so was the weekend I´ve been waiting for so long over.
The final experience of the trip was played to a draw, for a few hours.

As a member of West Ham Sweden, a fan-club, I bought
2 tickets among the other 23 people from the club to go
to Upton Park, East End, London. I brought my father with as well, just
to have someone I knew and to get him out to see a real football-match.
In addition to be surprised that he had never been in London before!

So we arrived at Stansted airport at 11.15 am and was just able to take
the Stansted Express train into Liverpool Street Station where we
handled in our only bag for a fee of 6.50 pounds. We arrived at London
at a completly wrong location and were fooled by the map we had
bought so we came to the "Bank-quarters". Nothing to see there except
men in costumes... We had a sandwich for lunch at King Williams Street.

The London Underground is gold worth really. Took us like 2 hours before
we came upto that we could use it lol :) Nah, we were at the London Bridge
looking at the Tower Bridge. Walked a bit to end up outside "The Eye", was
about to go up there but 15 pounds each was abit harsh for us at the time.
Once again sat down with the map looking for a Undergroundstation that
was heading towards Westminister, so that we could get on to
the Imperial War Museum. Though there was alot of walking from that
point to the museum... however nice to see London :)

At the museum we came in for free (xmas special, perfect!) was looking
around in there for 2 hours and still we missed 3 floors!! Insane!
But we hadn´t time for it anyway, we should meet up the rest of the
guys from West Ham Sverige at 8pm at Cranford Hotel in Ilford.
Which is 20 minutes from central london by train. Then first
we had to get to Liverpool Street Station to collect our bag,
find the right train to Ilford and then get to the hotel! We had time that
we didn´t know we had. We rushed there without a reason.

End Of Part ONE